Monday, November 1, 2010

How to get there. Como llegar

If you are in zihuatanejo, You can catch the Omnibus bus to Petatatlan and asked to be let off at the Barra de Potosi turn off at Los Achotes. You can get the Petatlan bus from the small depot on Calle Las Palmas street just across from the Bancrecer bank which is on the main street of Zihua. Is to easy because you will lisent the gay of the bus shouting: PETA PETA PETATLAN!!!. the price is 10 pesos por person. It should take about 30 minutes including stops along the way to dropoff and pick up passengers. From that drop off point on the main coastal rd. Rt 200, you can catch a ride on the shuttle (covered pick up with seat bench's) that makes the run from the main road to the beach about every 30 minutes. That last leg to the beach which is partially paved and part dirt road should take about 15 minutes. Another option is to go by taxi. Cost should be about $ 300 and the bus cost about 30 pesos (approximately).


Si estan en zihuatanejo pueden tomar el microbus a "petatlan" y desirle que paren en los "achotes" pueden tomar el microbus dela pequeña central en calle las palmas. es facil por que

escucharan al cobrador que grita: PETA PETA PETATLAN!!!! les cobran 10 pesos por persona. son 30 minutos mas o menos incluyendo las paradas por que se levantan los pasajeros en el camino. por el kilometro 200.

yegando a los achotes hay camionetas con redilas que van para barra de potosi. el viaje tarda mas o menos 15 minutos. y cobran 10 pesos por persona. o pueden venir en taxi es otra opcion.

cobran alrededor de 300 pesos.



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  1. Very good information. Thank you Avi. This should help make it easy for many people that want to visit your beautiful village.